We recently joined a CSA with a local farm here in Ithaca. Basically, you purchase a share from a local organic farm and you get unlimited produce from June-November. This is such a fabulous thing to do because you always get what’s fresh in season and the quality of the products is amazing! Today, Miles and I went down to the Farmers Market to go pick up our weekly stock of produce (today we got some baby spinach, turnips, radishes, rhubarb, garlic and lettuce), and we had such a fun time hanging out by the waterfront watching all the people walk by. The Ithaca Farmers Market is one like none other that I’ve ever been to (remember, I grew up in a large city and the Farmers Market in Dallas is not near as “interesting”). There is always someone or something interesting to behold. Miles was basically obsessed with the dog he saw, but usually, there is some sort of person playing an instrument I have never even heard of or someone humming a strange tune or something. I’m sad we missed such a sight this morning, but we still had such a great time in such a relaxing environment. I also came home and made a rhubarb pie for Dillon to enjoy after dinner tonight. Hopefully, it turned out well! We and I are really excited about having this CSA membership because we can go down to the market every weekend to get our share of veggies (and soon berries and tomatoes) for the week. This is one of the benefits of living in upstate New York! I’m sure we will miss having this when we move away from here. I can’t wait for our family to join in on all this fun when they come to visit this summer!