I had such a fun time on my little vacation. I spent the first day in California with my brother and sister-in-law and my two absolutely adorable nieces- Jolie and Lucy. It was so much fun to spend a day with them. We went to Jolie’s preschool and spent time watching all the kids do crafts and other projects, and laughed as Lucy went around and entertained herself by chatting at various people and objects. Jolie is truly a little performer and kept me chuckling as she sang and danced (and of course corrected me when I was wrong). I am still laughing about how silly those girls are. The night that I left, they were down chatting in their bedroom when they were supposed to be sleeping. I heard Jolie in there telling Lucy stories and Lucy chatting at herself and spontaneously piping in and adding to the story. It was the cutest thing I had ever heard. I was in complete awe at how much little Lucy looks like Miles (look at the last picture). I’m so excited to see all of my nieces this summer. I am going to visit my family next week, so we’ll get to see cute Tyla, and then the following week, the Cowan’s will be here. Yeah!