This evil creature stung my poor baby yesterday. Miles was playing peacefully, and the next thing I know, there is this gut-wrenching scream coming from his little mouth. It was a sound I have never heard from him, so I knew something was wrong. He had a Yellow Jacket on the tip of his finger and two more surrounding him, just ready to sting him even more. I have to admit, I felt a sense of anxiety when I saw this happening because I don’t have previous experience with insect stings (despite growing up in a place where bugs run rampant). We were fortunate to have our good friends with us to help us through it (and to keep me calm amongst my neurotic mom behavior).

Luckily, my little Miles is fully healed, and there are no lasting effects of trauma… just a little red dot on the the tip of his index finger. He’s such a tough (but still tender-as-can-be) little guy.