Here is the vocabulary of a cute little boy named Miles. Webster’s got nothing on this little man!

“chsss”- cheese
“dight”- light
“mroom”- vacuum
“da”- Daddy
“ma”- Mama
“dat”- that
“mo”- more
“ma!”(in a really high pitched voice)- “I want that”
“keess”- keys
“shuss”- shoes
“ba”- ball
“jeshus”- Jesus
“bobba”- sippy cup
“ka”- Kate (one of the girls that lives in the house)
“j”- Judy (the cleaning lady for the house)
“chee chee”- train
“brrrmmm”- truck
“ah oh”- “uh oh”
“buh bye”- “bye bye”

Animal Sounds:
Tiger- “rrarrr”
Duck- “qua”
Hippo- opens his mouth really wide
Gorilla- bangs on his chest and yells
Dog- “whoo”
Kitty- “naow”
Horse- “naaaahh”
Bird- “twee twee”
Rooster- “diddle, lil, lil” (really high pitch”
Sheep- “baa”
Fish- opens his mouth over and over again
Dinosaur- “grrrrr”
Monkey- “heee heee heee”
Squirrel- “hhhhh”
Owl- “whooo”