Here are some pictures of Baby Cowan #2 (aka “Bobby Franky”). We went to the Dr. today for him to make sure my Placenta Previa was gone, and it is. We are in good shape, and the baby is measuring in at 34 weeks (mind you, I’m 31 weeks along). He’s weighing in at a healthy 4 1/2 pounds. I had a sneaking suspicion he was a little bit larger than what is considered “text book” weight by this time (about 3 pounds). My belly is definitely full of baby, and we have about 8 more weeks to go… I mean grow! Miles had a fun time looking at pictures of his baby (“may me”) while the doc was doing the ultrasound. We think this baby definitely favors his big brother, which is a great thing, because we think Miles is the most adorable little boy out there! He’s even got Miles’ love for the thumb (as seen in photo #2).