“Nope, I still have a month and a half left”. This is typical dialogue between myself and random strangers around here. I seem to “pop” two times in my pregnancies: once right around 6 months when I really start to show, and another time right around 8 months, when I look like I’m ready to give birth any day now. I feel absolutely HUGE right now, and I know I still have a little over SIX weeks to get even BIGGER.

Sorry for complaining… I’m just having a “woe-is-me” day today, and I’ve officially reached the “why can’t my due date just be tomorrow?” stage. Sundays are especially bad because I am reminded of just how big I am when I can’t find anything to wear to church because I keep growing out of my dresses, and I’m too cheap to buy anything else because I only have six more Sundays left before I have this baby. I had to break out my “big girl” dress today, which is really comfy, but makes me look about twice the size that I really am. I definitely don’t gain just the “text book” amount of weight with my pregnancies. I actually gain about twice that amount, which I’m amazed my frame can carry that weight around. No wonder my back hurts, and I roll out of bed like I’m a beached whale. 🙂

Oh well. I’ll get another adorable baby out of all of this, right? I seriously can’t wait to meet this little guy and just snuggle him!!! As uncomfortable as I feel, I absolutely love feeling him rolling around in my belly. He’s big enough now that I can distinguish his different body parts. It’s truly an amazing miracle that we as women are able to have these babies living inside of our bodies for such a short time (even though sometimes it feels like an eternity), and they come out and turn into adults later on in life. It’s such a beautiful blessing to be a mother, and to nurture and sustain life. I just can’t get over how amazing it really is.

Dillon is such a cute hubby. He told me the other day that when our babies are all grown up, he’s going to charge them “back rent” for their 9 month tenancy in the womb. Not a bad idea, eh?.