Nana came to visit, and we had such a great time! I just can’t tell you enough in words just how much I love my mother-in-law, Brooke. She’s the BEST mother-in-law anyone could ever ask for. Seriously, I even feel bad tacking the term “in-law” at the end of “mother” because it just doesn’t do her justice. She’s my second mom, my friend, my husband’s mom, my kids’ nana, one of my biggest fans.

Let me tell you a little about Brooke, and why she has my complete love and respect. From the first day I met Brooke, I have felt complete acceptance into her family. She has shown me nothing but love, and she has been a cheerleader to me in all stages of my life. She is always full of great advice, but is always so careful not to share it unless she’s asked to. Not many people (including myself) have quite mastered this art, but Brooke has come pretty close! She came out and took care of us after my C-section with Carter, and seriously waited on us hand-and-foot, and did it so effortlessly. She definitely had her hands full with me, though, because I always fight tooth-and-nail to do things on my own. Nevertheless, she still cleaned my house, did the laundry, dressed my kids, changed their diapers, played with Miles, held Carter, made sure I didn’t do too much, made dinner. The list goes on and on. She did everything that I couldn’t do. Brooke is such a loving, honest, loyal, kind, positive person, and anyone who knows her would say the same thing. She is about as genuine as you can get. She fears nothing, and she is always ready to take on any challenge with full steam. I could seriously go on and on.

Thank you, Brooke, for being so great! We had such a great time with you, and we look forward to you coming back out here in March. We love you so much!