Carter is SIX months old today! He is still the “angel baby”, and continues to add more joy to our life everyday.

Here are six milestones that Carter has accomplished in six short months:

1. Carter is rolling all over the place! He even rolls around in his sleep and gets himself in real predicaments. He’s the busiest baby on the block- even in his bed!

2. Carter is enjoying life as a “solid food eater”. He started eating rice cereal a couple of weeks ago, and has enjoyed it ever since. Homemade baby purees he has tried so far: Sweet potato with broccoli; butternut squash; apple/pear; avocado; bananas; carrots; parsnip. I debated whether or not to start him on solids so soon, but the kid was just ready, and I just couldn’t help but get excited about making his food. I loved doing it for Miles, and I love doing it for Carter.

3. Carter is getting very close to crawling! He’s gotten up on all fours a couple of times. In the meantime, he just spins around in circles the entire time he’s on his belly.

4. Carter has an awesome belly laugh. This laugh first emerged while we were at our friends’ house for Halloween and their little boy was rolling a ball at Carter. He was just roaring in laughter as the ball rolled right into his chest. He enjoys laughing at his brother all the time, too.

5. Carter is a great sleeper. He still gets up a couple of times a night, but he falls asleep easily and is on a very good schedule. There’s no rocking this baby to sleep. As a matter of fact, when he sees his bed, he dives toward it and grunts a little bit until he’s safe and sound in the confinement of his crib.

6. Carter is getting so good at sitting up on his own. He’s up to a few seconds at a time now, and I just know in the next couple of weeks he’ll be sitting up full time.

We love you so much, Carter! You’re our angel baby, and always will be.