Heather would have been 27 years old today, and I can’t help but be a little sad that she’s not here to celebrate her birthday. Usually, I would have called her to wish her a happy birthday, and probably sent her a little something in the mail. But today, we sent pink balloons up to her. Pink was her absolute favorite color, so I know she will enjoy seeing them.

We also ate some of her favorite chocolate chip cookies. Every time I would visit or she would visit me, she would always ask me to make some for her. So, I made some in her honor. And we happily ate them in her honor.

Everyone I’ve talked to that has lost someone close to them has said that every “first” you get to will be very difficult. I think I underestimated just how difficult it would be. Despite my best efforts to remain positive and happy, there have been dark patches that have seeped through during the day, and I have found myself quite vulnerable. Might I say a little humbled. There’s something about death that brings those who witness it to their very knees. You enter into a state of humility that you can’t enter into any other way. Today I feel the rush of the same emotions I felt as I sat by Heather’s bedside while she was in the hospital, just hours before I had to say my final good-bye to her mortal being. Her hospital room was a hallowed place, a reverent place, a sacred place. That was the place where angels were present. The veil was opening up to welcome my beloved sister to rest for eternity. Ironically, it was the same feeling I feel when I go to the Temple, when I pray, when I give birth to my children- those sacred moments where Heavenly Father and Jesus are nearest to me. Today is one of those days. A hallowed day. A reverent day. A sacred day.

To lighten the mood a little, here are 27 things about her that you might not know about miss Heather Jo Davis:
1. Heather was (and I’m sure still is) the most stubborn person I know. It took A LOT for her to back down.
2. Heather loved her family.
3. Heather was extremely loyal.
4. Heather was absolutely and utterly in LOVE with Tyla. I’ve never seen her so in love before.
5. Heather loved bacon. Anytime there was bacon around, you could guarantee it would disappear before you got the chance to have some for yourself.
6. Heather had a belly laugh that melted your heart.
7. Heather was a true beauty- inside and out. I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone would turn their heads when she entered a room. She was just that stunning.
8. Heather always had to learn the hard way, and always had to do it on HER terms.
9. Heather was very witty. She could come up with a response to anything in no time flat.
10. Heather taught me how to tie my shoes and how to sneak out of the house. Yep, and she was younger than me!
11. Heather was a very vibrant person.
12. Heather’s life was NEVER dull.
13. Heather was very artistic- even in the way she applied her makeup.
14. Heather was very humble about who she was. Despite being drop dead gorgeous, she never flaunted it. She was just who she was, and didn’t care what anyone else thought.
15. Heather was very generous with anything and everything she had.
16. Heather was an amazing listener. I could call her and unload on her and she would just listen.
17. Heather always smelled good. She always had the best perfumes!
18. Heather loved Teddy (Tyla’s father).
19. Heather was once a Hooters girl (sorry, I had to throw that one in there because I still laugh about it to this day).
20. Heather was a loyal friend.
21. Heather hated to shop. Especially at the mall. When I would go home to visit I would always want to go to the malls (don’t even get me started on the quality of shopping in Ithaca). Even though Heather hated it, she would still go with me.
22. Heather loved sushi, but hated using chop sticks. That was one of the last things I did with her. We had volcano rolls, and she ate them with a fork.
23. Heather loved a good movie. Every time I would visit, we would spend most of our time watching movies.
24. Heather was not a very touchy-feely kind of person, but gave great hugs.
25. Heather drove like a bat out of hell.
26. Heather used the word “stupid” as a term of endearment. If you happened to have the privilege of being called “stupid” by Heather, you knew she loved you.
27. Heather loved laying out by the pool. She always had the best tans.

Happy Birthday, Heather. I love you and miss you more than words can say.