We spent our Thanksgiving with Auntie Beth (“Anty Beff” as Miles calls her), Uncle Grey and some of Beth’s Family in Monterey. Dillon I agree that there aren’t too many other places that we’ve seen that are as spectacular and beautiful like Monterey. I think we’ve found our retirement spot (WHEN we become millionaires)!

Here is just a little sample of what we did (outside of eating some of the yummiest food we’ve ever had- thanks to Beth’s brother, Chris, for being such an amazing cook):

We walked along the boardwalk to the beach.

We took walks on the beach with Auntie Beth.

We played jump rope with a piece of kelp. This kelp provided hours of entertainment.

We spit bubbles.
We looked adorable and snuggly.
We saw some of the most gorgeous scenery ever. These pictures just don’t do it justice!

We saw sea lions. This was a huge 50 foot tall rock in the middle of the water. Who knew they could climb so high?

We had such a great time!

Thanks again Beth & Grey and Chris & Apple for letting us take over your house for two days!