I’m so excited for a new year, and am so thrilled about making some great goals for 2009.  It’s such a blessing to have another year to look forward to, and this year I’m going to try even harder than previous years to be a better person.  
2008 was an extremely bitter-sweet year for our family.  It was the hardest year of my life, with the passing of my sister in August, trying to get Dillon through his last year of grad school, planning for a new baby, trying to figure out where to get a job and settle down (for a while, at least)- all of which occurred within a 3 month window.  It was an absolutely insane year, but I feel like I’m a stronger person because of it. The blessings we received last year are blessings I still feel undeserving of, but I’m so grateful for them all.  Here are some, just to name a few:  a new baby, Carter Jack, who came into our family at just the right time to provide our family with the much needed peace and calm during such a stormy month of August. Miles accomplished so many milestones, such as becoming more of his own little person, learning how to talk, gaining a love for reading, learning how to be a good big brother.    A new job that Dillon LOVES.  Need I say more?  A nice home- the nicest home we’ve ever had the privilege of living in as married folk.  A wonderful husband who has supported me through so much.  He’s been my rock and my best friend through it all.  Dillon just has a way of calming any situation, and he is just so great at keeping me level (or trying, at least).   I just love him so much!  
Some of my goals for 2009 are (I won’t list all of them because some are too personal to share) :  
  • Learning how to budget our money better and take over our finances.  Poor Dillon has been doing our finances since we’ve been married, and now it’s my turn!   I’m ready (I think) to take over that role so he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.  Any suggestions on good budgeting software, or programs?
  • Learning how to become a better photographer.  We are saving up (trying to at least) for a really nice camera so I can make a little living for my family.  I have the eye, I just need the equipment. 
  • Attend graphic design and photography classes at the junior college.  
  • Learn how to become a more efficient grocery shopper, and to spend less than $70/week on groceries.  Any suggestions?
  • Become a more patient mother.
  • Be a better wife to Dillon.  
  • Learn how to be better at food storage.  I have about a month’s worth in my pantry right now, and need to find the space for 3 months (or even more).
  • Become more passionate about reading.  
  • Exercise more.  
  • Learn how to sew. 
  • Get a memory book of Heather put together.  
  • Find more creative ways to entertain my children.  
  • Find a great pre-school for Miles to attend in the summer.  
  • Get Miles potty trained.  
  • Get more involved in my community. 
  • Become a better friend, especially to those who I might not feel like I have a lot in common with.
What are some of your goals for 2009?