Our little man just keeps growing up right before our eyes. I simply can’t believe he’s EIGHT months old today!

Eight fun facts about Mr. Carter man:

  1. Carter gives the best (and wettest) kisses. He’s always up for grabbing anyone by the hair and slobbing all over their face. Love, love, LOVE those kisses!
  2. Carter is very vocal. He is either squealing or babbling. “Dada” is his favorite word lately. But when he wants to eat… it’s “Ma”. I wonder why?!
  3. Carter still loves the boob. I don’t think he’s going to be an easy baby to wean (unlike his big bro, who weaned HIMSELF at 8 months). I don’t see that happening anytime this month for Carter Man.
  4. Carter’s is the most difficult baby to dress. He wriggles his way out of his clothes and diaper. You literally have to chase him around the house just to put a diaper on the kid.
  5. Carter LOVES food! His favorites have become banana chunks, avocado slices, broccoli florets and shredded cheese. He basically loves anything I put in front of him.
  6. Carter loves to just cruise around the house and find things to get into. His latest adventure: tumbling down the first step on our landing. I know, I’m a bad mom for not having our baby gate up. It was a close call, but we caught him in time before he took a ride down the entire flight of stairs.
  7. Carter loves his bed. If you snuggle him too long when putting him to bed, he starts grunting and diving toward his crib for you to put him in.
  8. Carter is the world’s biggest flirt. He’s discovered the art of batting his eyelashes and big brown eyes.
This shirt of Carter’s pretty much sums up his personality and demeanor:

He seriously couldn’t be more adorable. We just love that little boy!