Carter turned NINE months on Valentine’s Day!  Here are some fun facts about the Carter Man:

  1. Carter is cruising along every piece of furniture in the house.  
  2. Carter is OBSESSED with my potted plants.  He just can’t resist them, and he heads toward them knowing he’s not supposed to get into them.  
  3. Carter is saying “mama” on a regular basis.  He really is a momma’s boy, and I love it!
  4. Carter dances to music. 
  5. Carter refuses to eat mashed up baby food anymore.  He’s got to have the ‘real’ thing- little chunks of whatever we’re eating.  If it’s not what we’re eating, he’ll express his distaste until he gets what he wants.  
  6. Carter LOVES taking baths.  He would stay in there all day if I would let him.  
  7. Carter loves sleeping with his little blue cow (Miles gave him his beloved blue cow to sleep with a month ago- sweet big brother).  If cow is not present when I take him to his bed, he yells until we find it.
  8. Carter gets furious if Dillon gets him out of bed.  If it’s not momma, it’s no good.  
  9. Carter discovered that he has a laugh, and now he does it all the time.  He really amuses himself.  
We love you, Carter!  You continue to be such a joy in our lives.