We enjoyed Carter’s 1st Birthday today.  We started out the day with yummy blueberry pancakes.  My friend, Sarah, who stayed with us last night bought Carter some birthday balloons, which both of the boys took a liking to.  As a matter of fact, Miles thought they were HIS balloons, and gave Carter the choice of picking out one from the bunch.  Sweet Big Brother. There were many tears shed this morning over those balloons, but life carried on.  After Carter woke up from his nap, we took the boys to a fun little shopping center that has a train to ride, some fountains and a playground.  The boys really enjoyed everything there- especially the train!  We then took the boys to eat lunch at Chick fil A, then headed home for naps.  After naps, it was cupcake time!  I think the pictures pretty much describe how we felt about the cupcakes. Today was a good day, and we had such a great time celebrating Carter.  

Happy Birthday, Little Man.  We love you!