Happy Father’s Day to all of the men in my life.

Dillon, I couldn’t ask for a better father for our boys. They are the luckiest boys in the world, and that’s because you are there to love and teach them. You are such an example of patience and gentleness to me. I learn each day how to become a better wife and mother because I have you around to help me along. I know Miles and Carter will turn into amazing men because they have you as their father. Thank you for being so fabulous! I love you so much!

To my Fathers:
Dad, you always will be my dad, the man who raised me to be who I am today. Thank you for always loving me through the years, regardless of my shortcomings. You always made it a point to be at every one of my sporting events while I was younger, and now looking back, I’m so thankful you loved me so much to do that. You always encouraged me to be the best at everything I did. You taught me how to love nature, and all that come along with it (except for snakes, of course). I even know how to bait a fishing hook because of you! I’m so thankful you are my dad, and I love you.

Mike, thank you for accepting me into your family as one of your own. There has never been a time since I married into the Cowan family, that I didn’t feel right at home. Thank you for raising sons who love and respect the women in their life. Dillon is an amazing man, and you can take much credit for the man he is today. Thank you for being so great! I love you, Pops!