Yesterday was our five year anniversary. Unfortunately, we both caught the flu the day before, so we basically spent the day recovering. It was still a good day, though.

Just a few things about Dillon and I that might be worthy of sharing:

1. Apparently, we both love to move. In the five years we’ve been married, we’ve lived in 5 different apartments and 3 different states. We’ll see how long we end up staying put in California!

2. We both have a really sweet tooth. We have to be super careful about letting sweets into our house because we will both devour them in no time flat.

3. We both love the outdoors. Anything involving hiking, camping, nature, we love it!

4. Between getting ready for a baby and having company, one of us being out of town, recovering from a baby, having the FLU, we have been on a real date for only ONE out of FIVE of our anniversaries. That’s so sad!

5. We both love to dream and scheme. We like to talk about fun new adventures we’d like to take. What’s next? Only we know!

I love you, Dillon. I wouldn’t ask for my life to be any different than it already is. Thank you for being all that you are, and for helping me to be better every day. I’m the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world to have you as my husband and best friend. Maybe next year we really can go on a real date for our anniversary. Until then, let’s just enjoy life as it is, and know we have made it through a wild, crazy and insane (but so severely awesome) FIVE years of marriage!