One of the MANY things I miss about living in Upstate New York is having regular access to local, fresh, u-pick produce. I’ve been in serious withdrawal since we left there! Luckily, we’ve discovered a farm in Davis that fills this void: Impossible Acres. We went there last fall for the pumpkin patch, but I was not aware of the U-Pick section of the farm until some of my friends asked us to go with them today. Check out our loot: peaches, apricots, blackberries, raspberries! The first thing that Miles said, after we picked all of those peaches was, “We are making a peach pie with those, Mommy.” So, peach pie it is. Maybe even for dinner tonight, just to be fun.

We had the best time, and the boys were awesome helpers with picking (and sampling) the fruit. I have to admit, I a got a little teary-eyed just remembering all of the amazing memories I have of living in Ithaca. It immediately brought me back to going to pick berries with my amazing friend Melissa and her daughter Mia when our babies were itty-bitty. She let me try out her baby backpack to carry Miles because he was just too heavy for me to haul around in a Baby Bjorn, and he refused to ride in his stroller. I also thought of the first time we ever went to a U-Pick farm to pick blueberries, just a couple of weeks after Miles was born. We went with our great friends, the Gerovacs and the Sonntags. Fortunately, the Gerovacs live close by, so we can see them much more frequently than we can others that we miss so much. I also thought of the time my friend, Mel, and I took the boys (right after I had Carter) strawberry picking. Since I couldn’t really chase Miles down because I had just had a C-Section, and I was coming down with Mastitis, Mel took care of him for me, as he ran through that strawberry patch like a crazed monster, strawberry juice running down his face onto his shirt. Mind you, she was pregnant and not feeling too hot, herself. There are just so many memories that involve me and U-Pick farms; they are just very special to me.

Oh, my heart is just full of amazing memories about living in such a gorgeous place, and being surrounded by those people who I know I will love and admire through the years. Thank you to all of you who are true, genuine friends to me, whom I know I will never be able to pay back enough for your selfless service toward our family. That is one bond that I know will never be broken, no matter how many miles are in between. I’m just grateful to have my life touched by so many amazing people. Simply grateful.