Last Fall I was missing Ithaca, and this Fall I’m missing it even more! Here are just a few things I’m missing this year.

I miss walking across the bridge into Cornell’s Campus and seeing this. The building in this picture used to be a hydraulics lab back in the day. Now it serves as part of a gorgeous backdrop to Beebee Lake and all of its stunning waterfalls.

I miss walking along the many, many waterfalls that are all over Ithaca.

Ivy League in its literal sense.

I miss walking by the Cornell Law School on a regular basis. It’s truly one of the most stunning buildings on campus.

I miss the Ithaca Farmers Market. This place is filled with every color of the rainbow in produce. Dillon used to buy me freshly arranged bouquets of wildflowers from one of the stands. It backs up to Cayuga Lake, where there are people gathered around eating the goods that they bought fresh from the Market and fun locals who are playing various instruments and just chilling.

I miss the constant sightings of strange bumper stickers. They are everywhere!

I miss taking strolls around Beebee Lake with my friends.

I miss hanging out in front of the Agriculture building. We would always make a stop here in their garden on our way back from the Dairy Bar. Don’t even get me started on how fabulous the Dairy Bar is. Best.Ice.Cream.In.The.Universe- I’m not even kidding!

Some days I even miss living in the Pi Phi House. Especially on days when I don’t feel like cooking or cleaning. And I miss some of the girls.

I miss taking walks to meet Dillon in the Engineering Quad for lunch or just to see him for a few minutes. I also miss walking in to walk with him on his way home from a long day at school.

I swear, Cornell’s Campus is one of the most gorgeous campuses out there. Yes, even in the dead of winter!

I’m missing the simplicity of student life right now, and I’m missing all of my friends that we made while we were in Ithaca for those three years. Three of the most life-changing years so far in our marriage, and three of the most memorable, too. I miss Ithaca. I really, really, really do.