We are having so much fun with Papa and Nikki. My boys are just absolutely in love with their Papa.

Oh, and I’m completely and utterly infatuated with this new camera of mine. Thank you so much (everyone who pitched in) for the most super-fabulous 30th birthday present EVER! I’m still in shock that I actually have this camera in my hands! I told Dillon that it’s the best thing I’ve held in my hands since my babies were born. Crazy? Perhaps. You just don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this camera. Now I have it, and I still can’t believe it’s in my very own possession!

I haven’t even cracked into the manual settings yet, but I’m completely impressed with the image output with the settings I’ve figured out so far. I can’t wait to really start getting into this camera’s brain so I can see what it’s fully capable of! Absolutely amazing piece of machinery!