I remember right after I had Carter, always commenting on how incredibly calm he was as a baby. He was the kind of baby who just breathed calmness. His presence was strong, but very soothing. He never cried, he would just snuggle all day long, and be completely content in doing so. He loved hanging out in his baby sling, I carried him around in that thing until he was almost a year old. I remember telling myself that he would just be the calmest kid on the block, just like Dillon.

Let me tell you, times have changed. This little guy is a wild little man, and he definitely makes me earn my keep around the Cowan house! He gets into EVERYTHING, and he’s quick! He’s our little tornado. One second, he’s playing in one room, and the next, he’s migrated to the next room, turning any and every container over. There’s nothing that will keep Carter busy for longer than a half second. Nothing.

Well, except running water. This kid is obsessed with any kind of running water. Oh, and his toothbrush. Today, I put him up to the kitchen counter and I just let the water dribble out of the faucet. I know, Not very environmentally friendly, but hey, it kept my little rascal busy long enough (a good hour, longer if I would have let him) so I could try to dig a pathway through our living room.

Oh, how I love this wild boy of mine!