We had a really nice, relaxing Christmas this year. We decided to take it easy so we could just enjoy being together as a family. I didn’t prepare a huge meal (I did bake tons a few days before, though). We ate fancy sandwiches and goodies all day, and it was just so great! I’m thinking we might carry on this tradition every year. We’re so happy to have Nikki nearby so she could join us. I just love my sister!

This was the first Christmas that Miles has really gotten into. It was so fun to see how excited he got about everything. It was so exciting to get everything ready for our boys to enjoy on Christmas morning!

Christmas really is so much more fun with kids… I just can’t get over how incredibly cute and fun it is to watch my boys open their presents and just have a look of magic in their eye. So sweet.

Opening presents.
Just a small sampling of the many fun things the boys got this year: a play kitchen from Nana & Papa, some adorable play food from Nana & Pops, a tent, a train set, books, movies… The list goes on and on!

One extra special gift that Miles got this year was a bell from Santa’s sleigh. That’s the only thing that he told Santa he wanted this year. And guess what, Santa brought it for him, and even set it way in the back, behind all of the presents under the tree. Miles was thrilled! (have I ever told you that Miles is OBSESSED with The Polar Express? He reenacts that story all day long. I would go so far to say that his life revolves around the story!)

Eating crepes.

A couple of years ago, Pops got Miles hooked on squirting whipped cream into his mouth, and he hasn’t turned back since! We tried it with Carter, and he just wasn’t quite sure about the whole situation.

After a few attempts, though, I think we have a taker.

Playing with the new toys.
Carter took an extra special liking to the new ice cream cone set. It’s very adorable, I must say!

Miles loves his new train set!

I keep asking myself why it took me this long to buy it for him.
We watched many movies. Miles especially loved the tent he and Carter got.
So much, in fact, that I beheld this magnificent scene.
Normally I would have stopped him, but hey, it was Christmas, and the boy just wanted to lay low!

We loved our Christmas this year, and hope you did, too!

p.s. Thank you, family, for all of the amazing gifts this year! We loved them all!

We are so blessed to be so loved!!!