I have only experienced absolute, genuine fear a couple times in my life.

Today was one of them.  I was at the mall with a friend of mine, and we were letting the kids explore a little bit before all of the stores opened.  As Miles was busy pushing the umbrella stroller around, Carter was taking a look at the Easter Bunny exhibit.  Out of nowhere, this man walked up to me, pointing to Carter, and asked me if he was my little boy.  Of course, I answered in the affirmative, thinking this man was going to say how silly or cute my baby is.  But did he response as such?  No.  He asked me if he could hold Carter.  I got immediate chills, and responded “Absolutely, NO”.   He then asked “Why not?”  I said “Because I don’t know you.” There was something about the way this man was acting that made me feel like I was going to throw up.  He then got really annoyed with me, and pretty much responded in a way that said “How dare you tell me I can’t hold your son!”, then he muttered something (I’m pretty sure it was “Bitch”) under his breath, and shook his head, as if he was appalled by my response.  I mean, after all, shouldn’t we just let ANYONE come up and touch (or in this case, HOLD) our children?!?!  How dare I become protective.  I came unglued, holding my baby, and told this man to get away from me and my kids.  He wouldn’t leave.  I was then getting really uneasy, making sure Miles was close to me, too, and so thankful my friend was there with us.  That man kept hovering around us, asking me repeatedly why he could not hold Carter.  I was on the verge going completely ballistic on this man, but managed to stay calm enough to stop the furious tears from coming to my eyes.  I, again, demanded he leave us alone, and told my friend and the kids that we need to walk the other direction toward more people so we could get away from this man.  I also told him he was completely creepy and out of line.  By this point, I wish I would have bought that taser that I saw at the store the other day; I totally would have pulled it out on him!  For the remaining half hour or so that we were at that mall, I couldn’t help but just feel like throwing up.  I don’t know what this man’s intentions were, but you could only imagine the heinous thoughts that were going through my mind. I’m so grateful I had my friend with me.  And thank goodness I was close enough to Carter when that creep appeared.  Who knows what he would have done if I hadn’t been paying attention for that one split second.  This was just a reminder that we can never watch our babies too closely.

Oh, I’m still creeped out.