On Thursday, we went to Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos with my awesome friend, Jenny and her two kiddies.  The kids had a BLAST!!!

We started the day out playing on an old replica of an Air Force Jet.  Plenty of places to climb on.  The boys especially loved sliding down the wings.

Seriously, when did this little baby of mine get so big?

After eating lunch, we headed down to a stream to let the kids play.

Of course, Carter stopped along the way to pose.  He’ll stop whatever he’s doing and demand the camera by saying,  “cheese”, and he doesn’t give up until I’ve snapped a few shots.  He’s definitely my little ham.

It’s splash time!

Click HERE to see footage.

On the way back to get Nana and head home.  SOAKED, filthy, and exhausted!!!

This park was a BLAST!  Thanks, Jenny, for going with us!