We went to a really fun little gymnastics place that just opened up next to us.  Guard Young (do you remember him… the 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist?) is the owner, and it was kind of fun to see a real Olympian up close.  He’s super nice!

Carter is quite the little gymnast.  It was amazing to see how long he could hold onto those bars, and how he was able to keep his balance on the balance beam.    I think this boy definitely takes after his mama in the athletic department!

Meanwhile, Miles practiced a couple of  his talents:  the gift of gab and goofing off.  He followed one of the instructors around, explaining to her that the rings were strong enough to hold him but not strong enough to hold her because she had big legs (she really did have HUGE legs!).  Oh, and he showed the rest of the kids how to roll down the ramp, use the fire extinguisher (why do they put those things right at eye level for 4-year-olds?), how to use the water fountain, and how to run really fast across the trampoline and jump into the pit.

These two boys couldn’t be more different from one another.  Their dynamic is awesome, that’s for sure!