My baby Carter,

You are two today.  I can’t believe you are now a true toddler, and not a baby anymore.  You bring pure love and joy into my life.  I love watching you live your life with pure sweetness and enjoyment.  You are the best two-year old son any mommy and daddy could ask for (and cutest, might I add).  Daddy adores you with everything he’s got.  Miles is the luckiest big brother to have you as his little brother.  You two are the cutest little buddies in the world.  I love watching you play with one another.   You are the perfect mix of innocence and spunk.  Every day with you is beyond amazing, and I’m the luckiest mommy there is.

Happy Birthday, my little Love Bug.

This is how you say “Two”.

You melt my heart every single day.


Your Mommy