These two drive me crazy at least a dozen times every day with all of their shenanigans.

Today they were on turbo mode at the zoo.

Carter acted like a wild animal at the zoo today, running away from me any chance he got, and climbing over into places he wasn’t welcome.  I suppose it’s pretty fitting, since we were at the zoo.

And Miles.  Well, that Miles is on his THIRD possible set of stitches today.  I say ‘possible’ because his chin probably doesn’t need stitches (it’s not bleeding heavily, and the cut is not too deep), more for cosmetic reasons so he doesn’t have a huge scar later on in life.  What happened, you ask?  Well, Miles, following after his younger wild-frenzied brother, climbed up on top of our stroller. The stroller tipped over, taking him down with it.  Chin to the cement.  Thankfully, the stroller broke much of the fall, and his chin got a really small split in it.  Awesome, right?

Seriously, there’s a good reason why these two were blessed with gorgeous faces.  You would never know by looking at pictures of them just how wild and crazy they really are.  I wouldn’t change them at all, though.  Who needs a treadmill when you’ve got these two to chase after every day?