We had a great July 4th weekend.  We spent it in San Jose with Nikki and some of our best friends, Nick and Jenny.  The boys had a blast with their little friends Hailey & Jack.  Jenny, Nikki and I had lots of time to chat.  Nick and Dillon spent their entire weekend lounging around and acting like 12-year old boys.  They watched lots of guy shows/movies, stayed up super late, followed each other around and bought lots of junk at Costco.  It was a great trip for all of us!

Miles found a pair of binoculars, and acted like he was on a safari.  Then he slid down the waterfall slide in the jungle.

Carter goofed around and rode the trike most of the time.

Miles spent most of the time digging in the dirt.

Los Gatos Farmers Market.  Fresh apricots and Kettle Corn.

Miles showed us the proper way to eat Kettle Corn.

Fireworks.  Carter didn’t know what to think of the loud noise.

The kids watching fireworks and chowing on a 5.5 lb canister of Red Vines (one of the many things Dillon and Nick brought back from Costco).

After eating Red Vines for two straight days, Carter decided he needed to enter his right of passage and do what every guy on this earth has done at one time or another at a father/son campout.

Thankfully none of it landed on Dillon as he leaned forward while Carter sat up on his shoulders and spewed.

Thanks again, Nick and Jenny, for letting us stay with you!  We had a blast!!!