Have I mentioned how much we love our new place?  Here are some of the [many] reasons why we love it so:

Miles found a nice little patch of dirt that he can dig in (while wearing only undies, of course).

Oh, and he loves this Rosemary plant.  I taught him when he was two the proper way to smell Rosemary,and ever since then he’s been in love with it.  It’s right outside the boys’ window, and during the day when I have it open, it fills our entire house with a gorgeous aroma.  Love Rosemary!


Need I say more?

Eating out in the courtyard.  Less mess in the house!

Secret pathways.

And plenty of places to be silly.

Since I don’t allow shoes in the house, Carter is savoring every second he gets to wear his boots- without even having to leave the house to do it!

Spraying water down the drain.

Like I said, lots of silly faces.

Putting out ‘fires’ and cleaning out the ‘hatch’. (that’s Miles’ description of this activity)

More undies action.  While repairing the sprinkler valve.

More riding bikes.

Many of you know me well enough to know that I firmly believe in the healing power of nature.   Being outside in our yard from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed has added such a measure of happiness and peace to our life.

I’ve been waiting for two years to have an environment that I feel at home in, and the kids can be safe and free in.

We finally have it!  We are just so grateful.  So, so, so grateful.