We had a fun Halloween weekend.  It all started on Thursday when we went to party with trick or treating at Dillon’s work.  On Friday, we spent the afternoon in downtown Davis at the Trick or Treat Trail.  On Saturday the boys carved pumpkins and then we went to our Trunk or Treat at church.  Basically, the boys got tons of candy and had a blast dressing up in their costumes.

Carter was a bat.  A very cute one, at that.

This was the first year Miles really expressed his interest in what he wanted to be for Halloween.  He picked a crane.  And it had to be red, not yellow.  After a month of deliberating, Dillon came up with the design and executed it.  It may not be the best looking crane, but it’s structurally sound (Dillon’s words, not mine).  It was a huge hit everywhere we went, and Miles was really proud of his cool costume.

When Miles fell over, he was stuck.

I asked for a scary face, and this is what I got.

Very proud of their jack ‘o lantern.


Happy Halloween!

We had a really fun one this year!