We decorated the house today.   And while we decorated, we listened to the music from Polar Express and drank hot chocolate (Miles’ STRONG suggestion).

Miles was responsible for putting the ornaments on the tree.

He did such a great job at exercising his OCD and distributing the ornaments uniformly.  (I think he must take after his mama in that department- yes, I do appreciate uniformity and patterns.  A LOT!)

And Carter was in charge of carrying the ornaments over to Miles.  That is, until he decided it was the opportune time to create a baseball game.  One ornament for the bat; Six ornaments for the baseballs.  Each one of those, shattered in a matter of seconds.

Miles said that was a very “Grinch-y thing to do” because “That’s just what the Grinch would choose to do”.

Thanks, boys, for your help!

Oh, how I love this time of year!