This little one knows how to work a room with just the batting of his lush, long eyelashes, those pillowy-soft pucker lips.  And those brown eyes, don’t even get me started!

There is another side to Mr. C-Man, just as there is to anyone who has ever lived.

Wild. Crazy. Insane.  Fast-moving.  Never stopping. Loud.  Messy.  Sinister.  Mischievous. Carter.

We already know about this dude.  Crazy and wacky as can be.

We had a little play date the other day with a couple of really sweet boys.  I’m always so excited when we have friends over, since it’s so hard to find friends for my boys who get along mutually.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to know how to react to these situations.

Carter was just beside himself with excitement that he started destroying the house.  Miles immediately started squeaking and telling the boys about how a train works (I’m talking ALL of the details that come into operating the train, what train rides on what track, what materials were used to build the train, etc. )  I finally directed all of the boys to M & C’s bedroom to play.  As the boys were playing in the bedroom, I hear loud boisterous laughter.  The kind of laughter that sends an instant knot into my shoulders (because I just don’t know what I’m going to encounter).  So, I walked back there, to witness Carter’s sinister snicker, throwing handfuls of beads at everyone in the room.  The room was destroyed, and it was Carter who did it all.  How do I know it was him?  Well, Miles was no where in sight.  But I did hear his screech-y giggle.  I look over at their bunk beds and notice one huge blue eye peeking at me  from below the covers.  He had been squeaking and squealing and rolling around under his comforter the entire time.   Little weirdo!

If you’re reading this, and you live near us, you now know why I don’t have many play dates in my home.  It’s not your kids, it’s mine who end up exhausting me to no end!  You’d think I never get them out to socialize.  I mean, that’s what we do EVERY day.  Maybe it’s just because someone is coming into their territory?  Who knows.