I’m trying to be better about jotting down every little silly thing the boys do/say.  Here’s my first attempt.


1/11/2011:  Upon telling the boys we were leaving their favorite toy store.  “Mom, you make me so furious!  I’m going to change your mind!”

1/13/2011:  While we were strolling through Trader Joe’s, Miles looked at one of the display signs, and sounded out the word “COOL”.  He’s getting so great at sounding out different words!

1/14/ 2011:  “I used to go to school but now I have to just stay here with you all day.”


Lately, everything is “Me, me, me.”  Whenever Carter wants something, he says “Me want….”  .  (just picture Cookie Monster when trying to imagine what his voice sounds like)

1/14/2011:  “ME want kisses.  On my eye.”


The boys set up a campsite in their room, and were very excited about it.  Miles was telling me from their room all about how they are going on a camping trip and they are all dressed and ready to camp.  When I asked them to come out so I could see their attire, both came out, in their birthday suits.  I told them to at least put a shirt and undies on.  Miles comes back from said ‘campsite’ in this (still no undies):