Have you ever experienced absolutely pure terror?  I thought I’d already felt it.  That was, until Monday of this week.

The boys were playing so nicely in the yard while I was cooking dinner.  We’ve got a nice set-up:  a grassy yard in the back of the house and a court yard up front.  I’m able to see the kids while they are in front playing while I’m in the kitchen.  It’s great! I was almost finished preparing dinner, and then I heard it.

Pure and utter silence.  The kind of silence that stops your heart.  I knew something was wrong.

I immediately started calling out for the boys, heading toward the back yard.  The boys were no where to be found.  And I had no idea where they went.  Our entire yard is fenced in, and neither one of the gates was open.  I panicked, grabbed my phone and called the police as I started running down our street, yelling at the top of my lungs for my boys.  I was at a loss, as they were nowhere to be seen on our street or down the main street by our house. Of course, the worst came into my head, “Someone took them.  They’re going to be around the corner, hit by a car.  I’ll never see them again.”  Panic.  Panic.  Panic.

And then I heard it.  A very still, calm voice in my head:  “Stop and be still.  Pray.”  It was absolutely against my instincts, because I didn’t want to lose valuable time searching for my boys.  But, I did, and I’m so glad I listened to that prompting.  Within a few seconds, I was prompted to go down the street behind our house.  And there they were.  All the way at the end, talking to a man and a woman, at a car, with their car door open.  I had no idea what their intentions were with my boys, so I started yelling down the street, just to let them know I saw them and I was watching.

I was furious with the boys for disappearing like that, and of course I started questioning them.  “How did you get out of the yard?  Why did you run off like that?  Do you know what could have happened to you? …”  Of course, they just thought they were on a little adventure (Miles said he went to find a new pump for his bike tire), but I was terrified and  furious all in one.  When we got home, Miles showed me how they got out… through one loose board in the fence on the side yard. Go figure, even more of an adventure!

I’m so grateful they are still here, sleeping in their beds so safely.  Even more grateful for the Holy Ghost.  What if I didn’t listen to that prompting, and had gone down a different street?  I could still be looking for my boys today.  I still get knots in my stomach thinking about it.  I felt the tender mercies of God yesterday.  And I’m beyond humbled.