Things have been rough with Miles lately. He’s been full of sass and attitude to a degree even his sassy mama can’t hold a candle to.

He’s been pushing every limit, and contesting every suggestion and request I’ve vocalized.

He’s always been my sassier child, but this has gone to a whole new level.

Is it because he’s going to be FIVE soon? I’ve heard five is a magic and tricky age all in one. Magic because they are growing up so fast (and starting SCHOOL) and tricky because they are sassier and spunkier than ever. A friend also recently told me that God creates this stage in a child’s life so that we are ready to send them to school. There’s definitely some wisdom in this statement, I think!

Is there a secret recipe for weathering Five? How do I foster this new-found independence and spunk, but still lay down the rules in a loving way? If I’m being completely honest, I have NO idea what to do right now.

I suppose until I find an answer, I’ll be praying hard and looking at these pictures to remind myself that there’s a sweet, tender boy inside of that [almost] five-year-old body.