Miles started Kindergarten today.  All morning long he kept asking me when we were going to leave so he could go to school.  When the time finally came to take him, he walked right into his classroom, with full confidence, and ready to start doing all things a Kindergartner does.

I’ve been so excited all along for this boy to start school.  He’s been ready for this new stage, and so have I.  And I kept telling myself I have no reason to cry when I dropped him off, because, after all, we were both  ready for this new adventure.  All of the parents lined up with their children outside of the classroom (I mean, salón- he’s going to a Spanish Immersion school).  Once we got into the room, we were able to stay with our child(ren) as they got settled and made a name tag and drew a self portrait.

And after all of that was done, it was time to say ‘good-bye’.  I knew Miles would have no problem at all shooing me away (since he kept asking me when I was going to leave).  As I looked over at him sitting on the little square on the rug that he designated his own, it hit me:  He’s so big and so ready to venture out into the world… no longer my baby!

I got a little choked up as I observed his sweet innocence and confidence in his new environment.  Not because I didn’t have full confidence in his ability to fully immerse himself in a new language, enjoy school, make tons of friends, gain adoration from his darling teacher (she’s seriously adorable!).  But more out of pride.  Pride in my boy and the fact that he’s about to start a new phase of life.  Pride in the fact that I’ve been so fortunate to spend the past five years of my life with such an outstanding and incredibly unique little boy.  Pride in the fact that I am now able to share this special boy with the rest of the world.  He has so much confidence in himself and so much kindness in his heart and intelligence to share with others.  I’m just so proud of my darling Miles.

As the other parents were saying their good-byes, he noticed I wasn’t there right next to him.  Once he spotted me from across the room, he ran right over and said, “Give me a hug, mom.  I love you.  Now give me a high-five.”  And that was it, he scurried off with his new friends and continued on with the fun and excitement that enveloped that room.

So, go out there, my sweet boy.  Embrace this new adventure.  Be brave and strong.  And share that rich heart with the world around you.  Everyone who meets you will be touched in a way that will change them forever, and it will make them a better person for knowing you.

Love you, buggy.  Forever and ever.

p.s. Carter was not happy at all about his brother leaving without him.

But when it was time to go pick Miles up, he waited very patiently outside.

And out came his brother, grinning from ear-to-ear.  (he LOVED school!)

And their reunion was beyond sweet.

First day of school treat.  The best popsicles ever.  (Trader Joe’s you are my secret crush)

What a fun day!  I’m so glad Miles loved it, too.  He’s looking forward to returning tomorrow.