Carter is, by far, the sneakiest little kid I know.  He knows what he wants, and he GETS it.  He uses his sweet little face to draw people into a vortex of love, they just can’t get out.  All the while, sneaking the prize that he was originally after in the first place.

We were waiting outside of Miles’ classroom, waiting for his teacher to open the door.  Carter finds one of the moms sitting down, goes up to her, and snuggles right up to her.  He commented on how nice her jacket was, combed his fingers through her hair, stroked her cheek, and gazed into her eyes.  All she could say was, “Oh my goodness, can I take you home and snuggle you all day?”  Once the teacher started greeting the students, this mom stood up to go give her daughter a kiss good-bye.  Carter followed her saying , “Hey, why do you have this chap stick in your pocket?”  The mom had no idea he had been digging in her ZIPPED up pocket that entire time he had her trapped in his gaze.

This is not the first time this has happened.  I’ve witnessed him bringing moms their wallets, their phones, their gum, their kids’ snacks.  And no one had any idea he was rummaging or even thinking about rummaging.  He’s just that sneaky.