Miles smiling the biggest smile I’ve ever seen him smile…

“Mom!  I have a new best friend!”

[Oh yeah, Who is it?]

“It’s Natalie!”

[What a great choice in a friend.  She’s a great girl!  And she’s so lucky to have you as a friend.  So, how did she become your best friend?]

“Well, when we were playing during recess, I yelled her name really really loud.  When she saw me I ran up to her and asked if she would be my best friend.  And she said YES!”

“And tomorrow I’m going to ask someone else to be my best friend, too!”

[Oh yeah?  What happens if they already have a best friend and they have to tell you ‘no’?]

“Well, there are lots of kids in my class, I’ll just ask someone else.”

I love this boy and his brave spirit.  Anyone who is Miles’ best friend is the luckiest, for sure!