This boy of mine… have I ever told you how incredible he is?

His heart is as big as the moon.  He has an absolutely brilliant mind.  He’s a loyal and true friend to those around him.  He’s wise well beyond his years, he’s a true old soul.  He’s an excellent student, and is always there to help make his teacher’s day a little bit easier.  He knows how to find a common ground with anyone he meets, and when I say anyone, I mean ANYONE.  He recognizes a need in someone and he acts upon it, without even being prompted.  He’s brave and strong.  When he notices someone has a fear, he comes to their aid and offers encouraging words.  He’s generous and giving.  He’s got an amazing sense of humor, and he laughs easily.  He shares his loving affection with anyone and everyone, regardless of what they look like.  He’s forgiving of flaws, and he holds no grudge whatsoever.  He’s truly Christ-like in every way possible.

If everyone on this earth was lucky enough to have only a few of his talents combined, the world would be a much more magical place.

I love this boy.