“Mom, you just bought that box of donuts this morning.  Why are they all gone?  I thought you were going to share.”

I heard those words from my eldest boy after he returned from school.  (only 4 hours after initial purchase of said box)

I just stared back at him, with no response.

I mean, how do you explain such an unfortunate situation to a kid without causing them to look at you as if you just turned into a crazed lunatic?

The worst part of this all:  even after eating that damned box of donuts, I felt no side-effects.

No sick belly.  No headache.  No sugar crash.  Just purely satisfied (and maybe only a little bit guilty)

I know, I’m awesome.  Just give me a huge high-five and send me on my way.

It’s pretty clear I have no shame left. (prime example, posting this picture for all the world to see)

I’m just a desperate pregnant lady who wants her donuts.  And hamburgers.  And ice cream. And all things that no one in their right mind would consume on a regular basis (or ever at all).