“Miles, why on earth aren’t you dressed yet?” [after being in his room for a good 10 minutes ‘getting dressed’]

“I’m slow, Mom!”

For those of you who don’t know this boy very well, he takes FOREVER to do anything- especially getting ready for the day.

He gets really distracted with all of the fun that’s around him.

And more times than not he has started on a completely new project while the task at hand has been pushed to the side and forgotten.

What’s funny is that his dad was the same way when he was little (and if I’m being completely honest is still like this).

His mom would set the clock for him to race when there was something he needed to get done.

Dillon shared a story with Miles that made us all laugh:  He told his mom that ‘he just doesn’t like time because it moves so much faster than he does’.

I’m telling you, these two couldn’t be more alike if they tried.  Kindred spirits, for sure!

{If only Pops (Dillon’s dad) was with us we’d include him in this picture as well… Everything has a beginning, right?}