As part of our quest in embracing boy-hood and raising good boys into good men, we are trying to teach our boys how to channel their anger in constructive ways.

Because, after all, there aren’t many things more dangerous than a grown man who cannot control his temper.

Miles has never been a name-caller, or very physical when he gets mad.

Carter, however, is a completely different little person. He’s got quite a hot temper on him. (sorry, kid, that comes from your mama)

So, my wise husband took the reigns the other day after he found out C had completely lost it: his tongue and his self-control.

After a talk on why we don’t behave that way when we’re frustrated or mad, he took little man into his room and showed him how to unleash on his pillow.

This tactic seems to be working really well… I find myself reminding little dude several times a day to go to his room and find his pillow.

And he always comes out a new man, ready to be kind and sweet all over again.