Over the past few years I’ve learned to just embrace the fact that my boys are true boys- through and through.

Sure, I’m very diligent about teaching them how to be respectful, polite, kind, loving, responsible…

But sometimes they just need free reign to live on the wild side.

They wreck the house, make messes,  smell up any room they are in, use potty talk, and make noises that give me nightmares at night.

I believe in allowing boys to explore all of those things- the good, the gross, the ugly.

Because after all, that’s how they learn to love life.

It’s what shapes them into men.

And quite frankly, if I try to fight it I’m completely miserable.

It is what it is.

And I love it all.

Even though they have what appears to be harmless marker fights…

..but are really diarrhea spray fights (as I was so sternly informed of).

It’s awesome.  Really it is.