***Disclaimer:  I’m beyond grateful for this pregnancy… I just need to whine a little!***

I’m going to get a bit personal here (and quite possibly a little bit selfish).

Because after-all I don’t seem to have any pride left.

Oh, and I’m going to complain a little.  So sorry.

I’ve hit an emotional wall.

One that has caused me to cry harder than I’ve cried in a long, long time.

What have I cried about?

1. I have one pair of jeans and two shirts that will fit over this ever-so-growing belly and EVERYTHING else on my no-longer-little body.

2. I don’t want to spend any money on new clothes because I only have 3 more months to go.

3. I haven’t had my hair cut in over 6 months.

4.  My bra broke the other day because my ribcage and cup size won’t.stop.growing.

5.  My makeup isn’t covering up my pregnancy-induced melasma.

6.  The wind was blowing the other day.

7.  I feel like Violet Beauregard.

8.  My eyebrows look really uneven in the above picture but they really aren’t.

9.  The wind was blowing yesterday.

10. My toenail polish is peeling but I can’t seem to reach my toes anymore.

Want me to keep going on, now that you know of my irrational ways?

Or shall I just spare you the complaints and go cry some more?