I have reached a whole new level of irrational hysteria with this pregnancy.  I’m telling you, this girl is doing a number on me- perhaps it’s the extra estrogen?

I was walking both of my boys to their Sunday school class this afternoon.  As we rounded the corner, I had both of them by my side.  I noticed all of the other children lined up in the hallway, waiting to enter their classroom.  As I turned to give them both a hug and wish them a fun time, I noticed only Miles was with me.  I turned everywhere, no Carter in sight.  ‘Where could he have gone?  He was just right here!’  I saw him NOwhere.  I immediately started forward, assuming he went straight ahead, out the door, so I started in that direction.  I felt immediate panic.

There were some other women there in the hall who must have noticed my hysterical face, and everyone started looking for this boy of mine.  In my mind, he was outside, near a busy street… you can imagine where my imagination was rolling.  Before I knew it, a good dozen people were on the search for Carter.  In the church, outside the church, everywhere.  Still, he was nowhere to be found.  I lost it and started sobbing, panicking that I lost my son forever.  This mama bear knew not where her cub was.  My dear friend just hugged me outside as I was reaching a new point of hysteria.  I noticed other women with tears in their eyes because they just knew that feeling of losing your child- not a feeling any mother wants to experience.

After what seemed like an eternity, I hear calls of “we found him!”.

All I could do was sob (again, hysterically) with relief.  I was still shaken up pretty badly, and it took a minute for the panic to leave me.

Where was he?  He had taken off with one of his sweet 10-year old friends to her class.  I’m sure blissfully happy that she took him with her (because he adores this girl).  Not realizing that there were other Sunday school classes put on hold as everyone searched for him.

As I made my way back in to the church, I see his little self sitting oh-so-reverently in his little chair, in his class safe-and-sound.  No idea of the ordeal that his insane mother (and several other moms)  had just gone through emotionally.

It took me a minute to compose myself so that I could rationally speak to him, to let him know how scared I was that he just vanished.

As I took him out for a minute, telling him that he can’t just disappear like that- he needs to tell me where he’s going when he goes somewhere, I started crying, yet again.  All he could say to me was “Stop doing that.  I was with Hannah.”

Man, if this kid doesn’t give me a heart-attack it will be a pure miracle.