Carter wears many hats.

A few include:

“Ranger Carter” for the times he keeps track of everyone’s behavior.

“Clever Carter” for the times he comes up with very clever solutions to problems.

“Politician Carter” for the times he gets to know every single person that is near him.  He even shakes hands and/or gives High 5’s to everyone he meets.

“Sneaky Carter” for the times he sneaks things that aren’t his.  And no one even has a clue what just happened.

As of late, he’s been designated the PR Rep for Miles’ Kindergarten class by several of the classroom parents.  He knows every single student’s name.  He knows every single parent’s name.  He knows which parent belongs to which student.  And he knows when there is someone there who does not belong (in his eyes) and questions why they are there, who they are picking up, and most importantly, what their name is.  He even says “good-bye!” and “have a nice day!” to every single one of the students as they go around to the back to put their backpacks away.