Last weekend was very eventful with this little baby girl.

On Saturday I started having some Pre-Term labor symptoms so I headed over to the Birthing Center for some evaluations with my Dr.  She noticed that my cervix was starting to open up for some unknown reason.  However, my baby is in perfect condition and is even measuring almost 2 weeks ahead… surprise, surprise (yep, I have huge babies, folks)!  After being there for a couple of hours, she sent me home with orders to remain on moderate bed rest for the next 6 weeks.  Of course, my immediate reaction was, “yah, sure, how the heck am I going to do that when I have two other kids to chase around?”  Thankfully, I have a husband who was more than willing to step up and take care of everything, and remove that burden of worry from me.  I’ll be forever thankful for his sweetness toward me and his ability to keep things calm (as I was falling apart, worrying about how we were going to manage 6 weeks of this business!).

… fast forward to that following Tuesday, I went in for another follow-up appointment with the Dr.  She examined me and was pleased to find out that my cervix was starting to close back up.  She did another ultrasound (and let me see my baby’s chubby little cheeks again!) and found a Subchorionic Hematoma, which she attributed to my cervix opening up (not the baby, thank goodness!).  After sending me in to the nurse to monitor my baby’s heartbeat and to see if I had any contractions, that nurse immediately sent me back down to the birthing center so they could hook me up to their monitors instead (she was worried about my baby’s heartbeat dropping during the non-stress test).  Come to find out, after sitting there for TWO hours, everything is perfect with my baby and I was not having any contractions.  Apparently that nurse in the Dr.’s office doesn’t know how to readjust the monitors when the baby moves and she lost the signal when my baby rolled to the other side.  Awesome.

So, now, by some miracle, and after several prayers, I was taken off of bed rest and just directed to take it really easy for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I couldn’t be more thrilled right now (and I know Dillon is, too)!

What I learned over that short amount of time:  even though we don’t have family nearby, we do have many wonderful friends surrounding us.  Within hours, people were set up to bring in meals, take the kids, help us in any and every way.  My heart has been touched.  And I’m beyond grateful for all of those loving women (BUSY women, might I add) who are ready to jump to action when they see a friend in need.  It gives me comfort to know we are in excellent hands.