Miles graduated from Kindergarten!

He had a wonderful year, full of learning and making friends.

We couldn’t be more proud of this kid.

Enjoying an end-of-the-year ice cream sundae with his brother.

In front of his classroom.

He’s going to miss it, but is really excited about having his very own desk in 1st grade!

(oh, and Carter was still really mad at me for not letting him have TWO sundaes)

Such a proud (and DARLING) boy!

Dillon wasn’t able to make it to the program, so I recorded the entire thing.  It is very long (like 20 minutes) so if you’re not this boy’s parent or adoring grandparent you probably won’t enjoy it near as much.  There are a couple of gems in there, though, like when Miles turns around and winks several times at me.  And when one of his classmates gets yanked out of the program for drop-kicking another student.