Brooke, I can’t even BEGIN to express how grateful I am that you were so willing to come here and help me recover after giving birth to Pennie.

You wrangled my boys during all hours of the day- even when they woke up before 6am.

You loved all over Pennie.

You cooked all of our food.

You kept my house looking amazing.

You made sure I rested.

You were a great support and friend during such an emotional couple of weeks.

You kept us all stable and secure.

And, to top it all off, you took my boys with you for yet another week to your house.

And you did it all (and continue to do so) with a *BRAVE smile on your face.

*I say BRAVE because I know we’re (WE, meaning ME) not always an easy bunch to manage!

Any mother-in-law who would do such a thing for their daughter-in-law deserves a gold medal, in my book.

I only wish there was a way for me to repay you for all of your kindness and love.

I love you so much, Brooke.