Today you’re SIX, my sweet, sweet Miles.

You are my first-born, my very first baby.

But today you have grown up even more than yesterday.

You came into this world with an agenda, ready to make yourself heard.

You are absolutely intense and strong.

You are determined in all ways to learn, to become smarter in all things that catch your interest.

You absolutely love music of all kinds, and can carry a beautiful tune.

You have a memory of steel; you forget nothing.

You have a tender, forgiving heart and soul.

You are a passionate human being.

Your strong will, though frustrating at times, will serve you well in your older years.

You are brave in all ways, and are never afraid to take on the world.

Your belly laugh still makes my soul smile.

You are a good leader and an amazing, loyal friend.

You are a great big brother and son.

Your place in this family is definitely YOURS.

I love you, dear Miles.

Happy Birthday!