These boys have had quite the summer.

A new sister, a visit from Nana Brooke & Nana Nancy and a trip (without their parents!) to Nana & Pops’ house in Colorado!

On the plane!

Riding the train to pick up their baggage!

Pops picking them up at the airport!

First night- Reading bedtime stories with Pops!

Playing with the much-sought-after cars from the basement!

Meeting their soon-to-be-Aunt Jessica & going to the pool!

(and accidentally wearing each others’ shorts)

Historical Museum!

More pool time with Jessica and Uncle Max!

Building forts!

(only Jessica was invited into this one)

Lunch at the pool!

Nana adding the boys’ measurements to her wall!

Hanging on Pops’ coveted hammock!

Watching Puss n Boots with Nana!

On their way back home with Nana Nancy!

On the plane!

when the staff saw these boys they immediately invited them into the cockpit!

Thanks for keeping these boys for an entire week, Nana & Pops!

The memories you created for them will last them a lifetime!